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A Revolutionary Approach to Learning Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence Mastery and Enhanced Performance (CIMEP)

CIMEP is designed as an extreme, intensive corporate CI training program for individuals who want to enhance their own CI performance, the performance of their CI team and function, as well as the performance of their stakeholders.

Out In Front has created a revolutionary approach to learning Competitive Intelligence. CIMEP is based on the concept of "complexes" (structured groups of core training courses), and builds upon these complexes according to your knowledge, experience and needs.

This innovative learning program encompasses fresh ideas, practical skills, innovative platforms and models and peak experiences ... We call it "structured intensity."

CIMEP continually challenges your thought process to stimulate new CI flexibility and growth. The more scenarios - the more variety - the more real life we put into your training, the better and faster your CI reaction time will be to business challenges. If you want to understand how to:

  • Deliver high-impact CI,
  • Sharpen your CI skills, coordination and cooperation, and
  • Increase your knowledge and/or execution of smart and flexible CI programs,

then CIMEP is the program for you.

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