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Out In Front, LLC produces and develops innovative training programs and educational platforms for participants who want to improve their ability to provide high impact competitive intelligence; sharpen their CI skills, coordination and cooperation; and increase their knowledge and/or ability to execute smart, flexible CI programs.


Out In Front’s vision is to assist corporations in preserving and enhancing the well-being of their business through a holistic approach to evidence-based decision support. 

Mission :

Out In Front’s mission is to provide employees and employers with the tools, knowledge, tactics and decision support strategies to stay out in front of their competitors.

Values: A firm that always has a CHIP in the game!

- Commitment ... to create a culture that encourages dedication and selflessness

- Honesty ... to employ the highest ethical standards and demonstrate transparency and fairness in every action we take

- Innovation ... to deliver high impact and value through change and imagination

- Passion... to be ardently dedicated to our clients' well being

Who Are We?

Out In Front, LLC was founded by Gary Maag and David Kalinowski, two veteran competitive intelligence (CI) professionals who collectively have over 40 years of experience in the CI field and have worked directly with hundreds of the largest and most respected companies in the world. We create and produce original, innovative in-person training programs and educational videos designed to help companies enhance and protect the intangible intellectual capital that they have that isn’t as noticeable as other tangible company assets such as equipment and buildings.

Combining better use of the knowledge your company already has - along with protecting the internal, sensitive or confidential information you have developed - will allow your company to gain and maintain a significant competitive advantage in your marketplace.


Gary D. Maag | Chairman & CEO

Gary D. Maag | Chairman & CEOGary Maag is Chairman and CEO of Proactive Worldwide, Inc., a leading competitive intelligence (CI) decision support agency that he co-founded in 1995. Mr. Maag has built a 25-year career in consulting and market and CI research based on a broad array of industries and has leavened this experience with the practical grounding of managing businesses, services and products, as well as global clients and accounts.

A passionate industry educator, some of the most popular topics in his workshops include demonstrating return on investment, the importance of evidence-based intelligence in establishing a global mindset for emerging market, developing internal human source networks and the importance of analytics in competitive intelligence.  A sought-after and inspiring speaker, Mr. Maag has led numerous training seminars, symposia, interactive sessions, and workshops, with audiences ranging from international conference attendees to university students. The many organizations he has addressed include the American Marketing Association, Frost & Sullivan, Global Innovation and Leadership, the Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Research Group, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), and the Strategic Planning Forum.

Mr. Maag has written articles on the subject of CI for publications such as Inc., Insight, Business Profiles, Chicago Tribune and SCIP magazine. Mr. Maag authored a chapter on competitive intelligence for the knowledge management textbook, The Role of Corporate Intelligence Gathering in the Modern Business Decision-Making Process and co-authored the book New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale, published in 2011.

Mr. Maag holds a B.S. in marketing from Northern Illinois University. Mr. Maag served as an adjunct professor at the Center for Knowledge Management at Dominican University in Illinois, where he created and developed the school’s graduate-level course on competitive intelligence. Mr. Maag received NIU's Distinguished Marketing Alumnus Award in 2009.


David J. Kalinowski | President & COO

David J. Kalinowski | President & COODavid Kalinowski is the co-founder and President & COO of Proactive Worldwide, a decision support research and consulting firm that started in 1995 and specializes in the field of competitive intelligence. Proactive is headquartered just outside of Chicago with international offices in Rome and Shanghai. Mr. Kalinowski is also a Managing Partner of Out In Front, LLC, the sister company of Proactive that conducts CI training sessions.

Mr. Kalinowski is a 22-year veteran in the competitive intelligence arena and has worked with over 150 of the Fortune 500 companies as well over 200 medium-sized businesses to help them gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Mr. Kalinowski's experience includes directing over 3,000 corporate intelligence projects involving benchmarking, compensation, organizational structures, win-loss analysis, distribution processes, manufacturing, M&A, strategy, pricing, R&D initiatives, and tracking competitive sales activities.

Mr. Kalinowski guides numerous executive boards on highly sensitive competitive intelligence strategy development and training initiatives and is also considered a trusted advisor on counter-intelligence matters.  Mr. Kalinowski is widely respected and published in the global intelligence community, and at the end of 2011, he and his business partner, Gary Maag, published their book, New Directions: A Competitive Intelligence Tale.  Mr. Kalinowski is also recognized by industry peers as being a leading expert at facilitating business war game simulations.

A dynamic speaker and facilitator, Mr. Kalinowski frequently shares his knowledge through lively presentations about CI techniques and methodologies to varied audiences, including graduate-level business school classes, AMA, Society of Insurance Research, Frost & Sullivan executive seminars, and the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) annual meetings. Topics he has spoken on include determining ROI for market research and CI professionals, assessing competitive challenges in industrial and high-tech manufacturing industries, demonstrating CI's strategic value, managing internal CI client expectations, and cultivating a CI culture of excellence. Mr. Kalinowski is a past SCIP board member, and in 2005 received SCIP’s prestigious Catalyst Award for his contributions to the competitive intelligence community.

Mr. Kalinowski holds a B.S. in Political Science/Public Law from Northern Illinois University.


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