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“This program has grabbed the attention of our employees, and has also provided additional comfort and confidence to our shareholders.” 

CEO, Biotech Startup


“Proactive and the work that David and Gary have accomplished in educating companies on CI and its value will lead to a revolution in the CI field. All CI practitioners must attend their training.”

Matthew Kelly, Best-selling author, The Dream Manager


“In trade secret law, we must take reasonable measures to protect company information. This video has helped me to execute that responsibility."  

Corporate Counsel, Global Supply Company


"I've been to a lot of training in my career, and this workshop by Proactive’s leaders is the best overall workshop I've been to – ever!"

Corporate Intelligence Manager, Pharmaceutical Company


“This is the only training program that not only holds your attention, but has real, practical content that can be immediately applied by employees.” 

Intelligence Manager, Nationally Franchised Quick Serve Restaurant


“I found the CI training practical, refreshing and vibrant. It pulled you in and engaged you from the beginning. The time flew by. Once it was over I walked away feeling totally satisfied with the CI experience.”

Director, Telecommunications Company


“My employee onboarding process has completely changed with the incorporation of this video.”

HR Director, Heavy Equipment Distributor


“No other training video we have purchased on any topic has had the type of impact this video has had not only on our company but on our culture.” 

CFO, multi-billion dollar CPG company


“ I thoroughly enjoyed the Proactive CI training sessions, especially the handy key takeaways that I keep on my desk as a way to stay focused.”

HQ Marketing Manager, Telecommunications Company


“I know we don’t talk with our people about the importance of protecting our company information.  In a brief timeframe, this video delivers a powerful message in a fun and lighthearted manner.” 

Training Director, Global Telecom Equipment Manufacturer



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