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CI Training Seminars - An Innovative CI Approach

We incorporate fresh ideas, practical skills, innovative training and peak experiences into our competitive intelligence approach. We don't simply "do training": We partner with our corporate clients to deliver learning that develops CI professionals and positions their CI enterprises to deliver high-impact results.

Out In Front creates innovative learning programs and platforms that encompass experiential learning, real life situations and applied behavioral science that are delivered by best-in-class content providers and facilitators. Our training events are highly interactive and dynamic and include leading edge techniques, tools and content. Participants are engaged in assessments, case studies, business simulations, as well as targeted activities linked directly to their business and personal CI capabilities and needs.

What Can You Expect from CIMEP?

We understand that all CI professionals are not created alike. CI professionals come with a variety of backgrounds, skills sets, experience and expertise, and therefore should have different pathways to creating high impact CI results. CIMEP recognizes these differences and is designed to ensure that each individual is able to achieve these results through slightly different means to get to the same high-impact endpoint.

From intense deduction and analytics, to extreme diagnostics and problem solving, you'll experience a variety of unique and challenging situations with CIMEP that will strengthen and sharpen your acuity for conducting, creating, and delivering rich, vibrant intelligence that drives your business to be out in front.

CIMEP is unlike any other CI training course or certification program ever devised. With over 15 separate course modules that can be structured into a variety of complexes with hundreds of unique business elements and CI techniques, this comprehensive CI training alternative will vault you and your team to the next level and beyond buy escitalopram .

How Does CIMEP Get You There?

Two words - "structured intensity." By providing an extensive variety of different situations and circumstances that require focused attention to master, CIMEP continually challenges your thought process and stimulates CI flexibility and growth. The more scenarios - the more variety - the more real life we pack into your training, the better and faster your CI reaction time will be to daily, weekly, monthly, and ongoing business challenges.

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