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Business Issue: How to Protect Your Company's Lifeblood?

To grow, adapt, evolve and build value in today’s competitive world, companies rely on processes that are very different from those used by businesses in the past. Key factors of “value” are not just machinery and inventory but also people, knowledge, and relationships.

Although people are still categorized as an expense on most income statements, the knowledge employees possess often goes unrecognized as the asset it is. Implementing firewalls, using extensive and expensive network protection tools and posting security guards at the front door might minimize or prevent unauthorized people from accessing your company’s confidential information, but the biggest risk of leaks of your company’s sensitive information comes from ... your own people. Company employees give away 10-20 times more confidential information than people would get breaking into your locked filing cabinets or hacking into your computer systems.

 “Next to knowing all about your own business, the best thing to know about is the other fellow’s business.” - John D. Rockefeller

As important as it is to gather and use competitive, customer, or market information as an offensive weapon or tool to gain competitive advantage, so too must companies create a stronger defense to protect their confidential information from the competition and others, such as customers, trade media, suppliers and strangers.

These trade secrets and other private company information are the lifeblood of your business. Restricting information internally to a ‘need-to-know’ basis and preventing disclosure of confidential information outside of the organization is essential and directly impacts your company’s future success. Wouldn’t you agree? Of course you would. In most companies, an employee signs a confidentiality agreement within their first week of employment and then the topic is never talked about again. This simply is not good enough anymore.

So how can your employees protect confidential information if they are unsure about:

  • What to protect from whom,
  • How to identify the warning signs of an intelligence gatherer, and
  • What to do if they suspect someone is probing for sensitive company information?

Our Solution

Out In Front has created a dynamic training series and a one-of-a-kind, 15-minute training video, “Protecting Sensitive Information," that heightens awareness to all employees in a company about events, actions, and dialogue, knowingly or unknowingly, that may lead to information escaping or leaking from the people who walk in and out of your organization every day.

This unique and comprehensive educational training system gives you an understanding and knowledge of who, what, when, where, why, and how to keep your company, and all the hard work you have put into it over the years, safe through cost effective and efficient means.

As you know, it is not always possible to have your employees travel to attend a training session. Budgets are tight. Time is an increasingly scarce resource. For corporate training in particular, it may be impractical to take a large group of trainees away from their jobs simultaneously. Our training series, which begins with a fundamental, culture-changing training video that can be shared with all company employees through your company’s own intranet, is an effective and economical way to start the process of taking better measures to protect your company’s sensitive information buy baclofen .

Your employees can learn at their own pace and the video trainers reach a much larger audience than through live workshops alone. Live workshops are critical, but are more effective when delivered to select leadership personnel who can then better cascade the message.

This complete program provides practical and innovative methods different from any alternatives used today. It includes such items as:

  • Risk analysis/audit
  • Penetration studies
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Videos
  • Live, on-site training workshops and exercises

These will all help you to better utilize your existing knowledge and to protect the intangible assets that are critical to the preservation of your company. Our training video will apply to all employees, from the newest to the most seasoned, established personnel, and is relevant to every single department or business function within your organization.

This training video is the most important investment your company can make so employees will fully understand how best to prevent your company’s sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

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